Black women, please take note of the silence from your black leaders and heroes on the sex trafficking of 200+ Nigerian girls….

As I type this you should, if you and your family haven’t already, putting plans into place to make sure you and your loved ones are never this vulnerable.

While western nations have a BETTER quality of life compared to African nations, don’t be a victim.  Don’t be a fool. I don’t need to tell you about the Congo-like rapes and the mini Rwanda-style massacres that occur in Chicago, LA, Detroit, NYC, and Atlanta, etc. Imagine if the violence that black faux leaders allow to run amok occurred all over America…black women and girls wouldn’t  stand a chance.

Do everything in your power to uplift and elevate yourself, especially those whose parents and grandparents made the sacrifice to bring you to the West.  Never give the naysayers and detractors your attention or precious time.  Celebrate your culture, but ALIGN yourself with functioning groups and individuals.  Never be afraid or ashamed to ask for help. YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING, not superwoman.

Yes there is evil in the world but there is also so much BEAUTY and KINDNESS and GENEROSITY.  There are still men and women of all hues and backgrounds that WANT and will encourage you to succeed <3

comments from my inbox…

so ……. let me get this straight …. NGO are bad, and are showing Africa in a poor light, so much so you wanted to start theafricatheynevershowyou tumblr. and now, after something completely horrific happens, you blame those same NGO for not “leading the fight” in these womens salvation from what it seems is a very African problem. jeez louise , first make up your mind, second stop being hypocritical and lay the blame where they blame springs from, the insanity of Islamofacism and the ineffectiveness and corruption of African state governments


do many of you share these same feelings?? Let me know in the inbox.

Here’s some clarification….

1. I’ve ALWAYS called out the black “faux” leaders of Africa. If you look up failed state on yahoo or google, most if not all African nations would be listed as examples.

2. I’ve called the Islam/Christianity conflict in Nigeria that most want to ignore or pretend isn’t happening. guess what happened…THREATENING messages were left in my inbox, which is part of the reason why I stopped posting on here.  You see you can’t be too honest on here or certain groups will claim they are being attacked and attempt to silence you.

3. I was one the first on Tumblr to question the shady roles many NGOs play in African nations. Many were NOT receptive. It was basically Outsiders know best, Africans keep quiet. So ask where are those individual are who KNOW best?? Where is their leadership at a time like this??

seeing as your tumblr description is:

If you find Nazi, or Watermellon & Fried Chicken memes funny, we’re not going to get along”

I’m sure your comment wasn’t anywhere close to genuine confusion…

Still, I figure others may still be wondering my past and current stance on these matters.

a comment I found on one of the few black-owned platforms discussing the kidnappings…..

"I am Nigerian and I do not expect the world to fight our internal battles for us.  If this were a sane country my President would have done us all a favour and resigned ages ago, because he has proved time and again that he lacks the capacity to lead Nigeria.  His administration’s inept handling of the boko haram problem is what has led us to where we are today.

Frankly, people ascribe to you the value that you ascribe to yourself.  Our government in Nigeria has a history of sitting on its ass while Nigerians are abused and brutalised within and outside the country.  Our people are maligned and treated very poorly in foreign countries (especially the Asian ones), but our government rolls out the red carpet for citizens from these hostile countries when they come into Nigeria to live and work and cart our resources away.  In fact, a going joke (which is sadly based on reality) is that if you want quick response to your proposal from any government agency front it with a white, yellow or light brown face and the doors will open fast.  So, what is happening with these poor girls is nothing new; our government does not really care much for its people be they male of female.  

The situation would have been the same if 200 boys had been kidnapped so this has nothing to do with the gender of the abducted.  A while back, students sleeping in their dormitories were shut to death by the same boko haram.  The government made some noise for a few days and that was it.

I could go on and on about how upsetting this situation is and how  the Nigerian government has woefully failed to handle this issue.  

As for the poor international media coverage, this is nothing new.  Black lives have little or no value.  I can say without mincing words that if 200 chimpanzees had been abducted they would have got more media attention worldwide than these poor girls have received.”

Some LIFE SAVING material for black women (allies can observe and support from the side)…

The sad thing is, I know many black women in Africa would put these teachings into practice given the opportunities black women in the Western world have.  On the other side of the coin, you have one TOO MANY black women for my liking in the west squandering precious opportunities…and I include myself in the category of those who have not SEIZED THE DAY!!

Telling Black Women The Truth

Muslim Bushido

Sojourners Passport

Black Female Interracial Marriage

Acts Of Faith Blog

Black Women’s Interracial Relationship Circle

as you read through the archives, you will be in denial, become angry, laugh, be sad, shed a few tears, smile, and nod in agreement.

black women, PLEASE…..SUCCEED AND PROSPER. if you won’t do it for yourself or your family, do it for those who will NEVER get the chance to thrive….

From my inbox….

One of the major criticisms of modern feminism today is that it focuses on women’s issues in the Western World and does little to advocate for the advancement of Women’s Rights abroad. So where are they now? Where is the outrage? Slut Shaming is bad, I agree but where is the outrage for the incident in Nigeria? I’m sadden and disgusted by those extremists. I hope we find those girls so they can become strong women in their country to advance women’s rights not only in Africa but internationally.

-Mr Koo

thank you sir. I too wonder where the usually outspoken feminists are….

black women bend over backwards to support black male interests AND women’s interest (aka WHITE women) and foolishly think they will get something in return.  I see this ALL the time in the U.S. Then when crimes against black women or girls occur….usually at the hands of blacks…

*crickets* from black men and white women

We are living in strange times.

to my fellow black women in Europe & North America…..

Let me remind you of something so that when some of you choose to ignore this advice and your intuition, you can’t say no one warned you.

Let it SINK IN that without a functioning WHITE-majority law enforcement present in the countries we live in, the barbaric acts committed in Nigeria could very well happen to us. 

In the US, for every Travyon Martin, there are dozens more killed by black teens and black men. Countless more black women and girls are raped and murdered by black men in the UNITED STATES and we NEVER know their names.

Ask yourself, why is it that blacks give more attention to white on black atrocities than to black on black crimes (at home and abroad), when said black on black crimes are MUCH MORE PREVALENT, at least in the US.

The black cavalry is not coming.  We ALL KNEW THAT. But, I fear the white cavalry (U.S. military/UN/EU intervention) is not coming. There are no diamonds, oil, or precious minerals involved so NO ONE IS COMING.

Nigeria has just told the world that their children are up for grabs. Islamic extremists, pedophiles, human traffickers, etc. have officially been given the okay to invade Nigeria’s borders and take what they want.

I don’t say this to scare you, I say this so that you finally WAKE UP and realize what has been going on in black nations for the past 30-40 years is not some horrible nightmare.  This is a reality for many.

I thank GOD for the sacrifices my parents made so that made it possible for me to grow up in the Western world and not deal with the daily stresses that many in the developing world go through.

I can use my platform to bring this tragedy to your attention, but I can’t help but sit dumbfounded at much bigger platforms, supposedly PRO-black platforms and people who are sitting in silence and indifferenceThat is the second tragedy in all of this.

If there are any Nigerians whose families have been affected by this, please let us know how we can assist.  I literally cannot think of anything productive I can do that would make a difference and it makes me sick to my stomach.

My thoughts and prayers are with Nigeria and her people. The media and your government  may choose to ignore your pleas and cries for help, we hear you. You are not alone <3

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Launches Country Chapter of African Women Entrepreneurship Program

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf last Wednesday joined hundreds of women at a program marking the celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD) 2012, in Tubmanburg, Bomi County. At the event, President Sirleaf launched the Liberian Chapter of the African Women Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP) and the Adolescent Girls Unit at the Ministry of Gender and Development.

The African Women Entrepreneurship Program, which was started in 2010, based on the recognition that African women are so often the engine of national growth and development, is the brain-child of United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. The first chapter of AWEP was formed in Zambia, and since then dozens of African countries have followed. AWEP aims to empower African businesswomen through training, strengthening public-private partnerships, and expanding business capacities and relationships.

In remarks, the President indicated that the themes for this year’s IWD celebration were very appropriate because they support Government’s initiatives to develop and empower women and girls.

She acknowledged the growing number of Liberian women entrepreneurs who are making positive contributions to the country’s economy and other sectors, and appealed for support not just from Government but all Liberians and other nationals within our borders. We must encourage these entrepreneurs to develop by purchasing their products, President Sirleaf said.

The need for the Adolescent Girls Unit at the Ministry of Gender and Development stems from the fact that girls are generally overlooked by many existing structures addressing youth and women issues in Liberia, the President indicated. This Unit will address the issues, needs, and concerns of girls, ages 10-12, with special emphasis placed on girls ages 10-15. Its purpose is to ensure national programs and policies are optimized to work better for girls in order to accelerate growth and reduce poverty.

An Executive Mansion release quotes President Sirleaf as saying that the global theme for this year’s celebration, “Connecting Girls, Inspiring Future” and the national theme “Connect, Reconcile and Empower Girls and Women for the Future,” give Government the opportunity to look at the challenges, opportunities and potential for the younger generation of Liberian women. She described the population of Liberia today as one of the world’s youngest populations, with more than 50 percent under the age of 35, half of whom, she pointed out, are girls.

Read entire article here…

First Lady Michelle Obama meets with Ernestina Mills, First Lady of Ghana, at the State Department in Washington, D.C., March 8.
(Photo by Sonya N. Hebert)

First Lady Michelle Obama meets with Ernestina Mills, First Lady of Ghana, at the State Department in Washington, D.C., March 8.

(Photo by Sonya N. Hebert)

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