What I like about this platform is I get to share conversations that many of us are discussing behind the scenes…

-Thank you for the sweet messages, specifically about my posts concerning black women. I didn’t realize how many whites, asians, and non-blacks in general were interested in the opinions of bw like myself.  Keep encouraging the the bw around you and virtually that is okay for them to be themselves. As quiet as it is kept, many bw have been made to feel as if our opinions do not matter. We are to follow what black men say and keep quiet….

-I couldn’t blog here if I did not use this blog to uplift Africans and people of African-descent, ESPECIALLY black women.

-Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve always pissed people off lol….and I will probably continue to do so.  I’m not a sheep and neither are you all. This blog is NOT here to please everyone. Life doesn’t work that way and a tiny blog like this certainly won’t work like that either.

-I’ve called out western media coverage of Africa, Western volunteers going into Africa to “help” when some do more harm than good, companies like Tom’s Shoes who want us to believe their intentions are of pure heart (ha!), and I’ve called out many Africans themselves who insist on making life so damn miserable for their fellow people. 

-While I will continue to show positive images that many don’t associate with Africa, I will NOT keep silent about issues that affect African women and her children in the West.  Some of you may be to scared to speak up or too brainwashed to notice when you are being fooled.  Whatever the reason, I have to be myself at the end of the day.

-I am going to post topics that are going to make many of you VERY uncomfortable and I am okay with that and I hope you are as well.  It’s good to get a different perspective on issues.  Black women with opinions similar to mine seem to be missing in the public discussion on race, media, gender, business, etc.  So I will continue to use this platform to share those opinions with you and from other bw thought leaders.

Welcome to all the new subscribers and thank you thank you thank you to those who have stuck around.  I have no idea why (seriously, why lol) but I’m thankful that you have :D


If some of my new subbies expected this blog to focus on lions and black babies with flies on their faces…OOOPS…wrong blog lol

The following text is going to be difficult for many of you (black women especially) to digest…but seeing as I am one of the very FEW black-moderated/African-moderated blogs that will call out the FOOLISHNESS that goes on among black folks (American or foreign), I have to speak up. I will NOT allow those who call themselves black, African, black woman, Nigerian, Kenyan, etc, to publicly embarrass and bring shame upon themselves and MY group. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

I applaud white Americans when they shame their fellow white Americans who act of their prejudices. Jews keep their own in order, Mormons keep their own in order, certain Asian groups in the USA keep their own in order, so i EXPECT black people, namely African groups, to do so. From what I can observe, Africans in this country are very good about working hard and succeeding and have numerous stats about our success to prove that as do other ethinic groups here.

I had hoped that the dysfunction I see among some African-Americans (not all, but some) would not reach those black Americans born to immigrant Africans or those Africans who have immigrated here in their teens and early adulthood. Apparently that dysfunction is so strong that I am starting to see tiny little cracks in the foundation that our African parents worked to the BONE to build so that we and our descendants may succeed in the West.

You know how hard life if for your relatives back home and some of you or your friends want to make life difficult for yourself in the UK and US??? why????

SO no, I will NOT keep quiet about my opinions regarding black women the slippery slope we face here in the west. I thank those of you who left words of encouragement in my inbox.  A lot of us think we are off on an island somewhere with our opinions, when in fact many of us share these concerns.

[sidenote: Black men who are 1st and 2nd generation Americans had better be paying attention, because the foolishness you see on display by your fellow AA-brothers will NOT be tolerated en masse by African  and black women from the diaspora. I can promise you that oh. If African men are smart, they will do as other men of functioning groups do and as YOUR FATHERS AND UNCLES AND GRANDFATHERS did and take EVERY measure necessary to ensure the women of YOUR group are taken care of and uplifted. when the WOMEN of society prosper, the ENTIRE group prospers.<—That sentence should be drilled into everyone’s head. in 2014 and onward, AA men will continue to see the consequences of not protecting and caring for AA women and children and so far it has been not a pretty sight.]

The last straw for me was seeing a recent article (i call it poison which is why i will NOT  leave a link) by a fellow African woman who has clearly been brainwashed by certain black-male focused interest groups here in the US. NOW we are seeing dysfunctional AA’s target African women and other women in the diaspora to be used as “grunts and sista soldiers” on behalf of certain dysfunctional people in this (USA) country. 

My dad warned me about how this stuff and how I should stay on my path and continue to focus on bettering myself. I laughed and thought he was being paranoid.,..*sigh….youth*

REAL TALK from The Black Woman Think Tank…black woman or not, you are welcome to visit the site and read other posts…remember you are a guest there so be respectful:

"Thrice cursed are the weak who’s insecurities make them vile…for they shall SERVE and SUFFER."


Many Black Women believe, that by standing by the black community and black men, they are endearing themselves to both, and that eventually, in return, they will be honored and exalted. But Dark Wisdom knows better. This line of thinking goes not only against human nature, but demonstrates little understanding of the dark side of Ego, which is at the very basis of Patriarchy - the paradigm in which all women currently live. The basic premise of Male Domination and Father Right, is that men, when they WORK, PROVIDE FOR and PROTECT the Order of Men (through competition, valiance, dominance, defense of the system and PRODUCTION of some kind) win the ‘Spoils’ and are rewarded with the exclusive rights to POSSESSIONS; possessions which include a woman (Wife) and children (sons) he knows are his to carry on his name and secure his legacy of accumulated wealth and resources via inheritance. Any male raised in this system will come to understand these motivations that define “Manhood’, even if he, himself has no father/role model to explain it to him or no men to demonstrate this set up. If he has access to a television, he knows what other men do, especially men of groups who wield POWER. And he knows, by the time his 10 years old, whether HE is positioned to compete with MEN OF POWER on the terms dictated by the system.

No matter how much his Mother tries to buffer his disadvantage, and how much the men in his immediate sphere of influence fail to live up to these standards, a black male knows what defines Manhood within the dominant culture of the system in which he lives- even if he has no idea how to execute those requirements. Eventually, he will be forced to reckon with other males in that system (both those privileged and those disadvantaged) based on the rules and guidelines that govern it, and will realize the connection to both his identity and VALUE, based on his position in the hierarchy.

Black boys learn early what Manhood expects of them, and most of them learn early that they, as black males, are not going to be offered the opportunity to achieve proper Manhood in the system they live in. This has lead over time, to a creation of an alternate form of “Manhood’ - one that adheres to the basic impulses of ‘Masculinity’ by indulging the base desires and interest of MALENESS (sexual desire & conquest, brute force over the weak, rivalry & competition with other males, territorial expressions of dominance, and the ability to manipulate and control the women in their environment emotionally, physically and psychologically), but not the mile markers of MANHOOD dictated by the Power Structures of the system. They are operating in a “Pseudo Manhood’, that is not predicated on the achievements that distinguish “Maleness” and “Masculinity’ from “Manhood”. Black women know that their sons are underprivileged in this area, and so we attempt to bridge the gaps, soften the blows and in some cases, literally *TAKE THE HITS* so that he doesn’t have to. We believe that “loving” black males UNCONDITIONALLY, will result in them rising up to reclaim their seat as Men. All he needs is time. We think that if we guard the pen and protect him from outside attacks while he gathers his bearings and gets his mind right, he will eventually learn to embody the Manhood defined by the outside world, and we will benefit from his displays of Benevolent Patriarchy as he gains a seat at the larger table of Power. And we think that when he gets this seat, he will elevate both us and our children to the level of other races of women and children. We want him to be a contender, and the only way we know how to help him do it, is to DO IT FOR HIM, like the Mother of a small child would. We think if we just carry the load long enough to give him a chance to mature, he will eventually come back and reclaim his True Manhood, for us and our community.

He. Will. Not.

Why? Because protecting, defending and coddling males who do not produce and do not provide, INFANTILIZES them, thereby preventing them from “Man’ing Up”. Infantilized adult males hate their Mothers because their Mothers encourage them to exist on terms other Men are not allowed to. BW have offered black males the rewards that MEN (under Patriarchy and Father Right) are supposed to reap (sex, children, access, comfort, love) based solely on his Maleness and Masculinity…and he hates you - and himself, for it. You are not only evidence of his inability to succeed, but the REASON for it. He sees other races of men strive FOR their women - work FOR their children. He sees the “Manhood” that other races of men abide by, lead to Power and Dominance and the ability to command respect and build an infrastructure in which to place families, perpetuate the group and secure HIS genetic legacy. His inability to do as other men do, translates in his mind as you and YOUR images’ inability to prepare and INSPIRE him to do it, and he begins to associate you with struggle and pain as watches you stand in the gaps for him, taking HIS licks. YOUR image is not the one he imagines next to him as he conquers the world. YOUR image is not the one he seeks to protect and provide for. Your image comes to signify his weakness and his inability to compete with other men on THEIR TERMS. YOUR image is only good for guard-dogging him as he licks his wounds, blames the world, and marks his territory with sperm, self pity and violence. YOU become “VILE” in his eyes, because as the Source of his Creation, you cannot offer him what other races of men derive from their women in the Father Right.


So you “Suffer and Serve’ under his hatred of you. Your very existence reminds him that he is not a man under patriarchy and your behavior takes the REMAINING power he may have access to, away. By not holding to him the standards other women hold their men to, you allow him to wallow in the pseudo BLACK ‘manhood” of Masculinity and Maleness, by stroking his dick and his ego, inspiring nothing in him and asking nothing from him. HE can’t compete and WIN! with this false identity of Maleness (even as he clings to it and encourages your support of it), so you are no longer seen as the ‘Spoils’ of his Manhood. Your image, instead, becomes that which is ‘spoiled’ and wretched in his eyes.

And The Wretched is a Vile lot, whose only purpose is to SUFFER and SERVE. Its true when they say “The meek shall inherit the earth’.


If and when the black male finally does produce and provide, it will be for women who represent the Spoils he feels entitled to as reward for his success. Not you. YOU are the long suffering reminder of his inadequacy. YOU are the physical representation of all he can NOT do in the world. YOU… the living breathing embodiment of why he is hated - why his Manhood and Humanity have been called into question. You - the source of his BLACKNESS, become the BANE of his existence. And even as he leans on you, depends on you and encourages your ongoing defense of him, he will do EVERYTHING he can to compromise you, reject you, manipulate you and get away from you and what you represent, the moment he can escape.

THIS, you MUST understand as a black woman. YOUR coddling of bullshit, standing in gaps, buffering his licks and defending him to the end in the name of “love’, is EXACTLY why he hates you, and seeks validation in the arms of the woman who holds him to the standards… OF MEN. THIS is why The Becky Brigade usually only deals with the BEST and BRIGHTEST of YOUR men. She doesn’t want YOUR rejects. Belie’dat.

Keep thinking your UNCONDITIONAL LOVE will bring him around. Keep rushing out like Wonder Woman, standing in the place that MANHOOD tells him HE should occupy. Keep believing that you’re ‘fighting’ for him, taking bullets, facing dogs and police batons, will give him enough time to recover and reclaim his shit.

You will continue to suffer and serve, and watch as he takes YOUR sacrifice, and hands it to a woman who looks nothing like you - even as he places YOU in the front lines in the war against him. Keep representing ‘weakness’ and ‘struggle’ - guard dogging and scapegoating; keep offering yourself as the WILLING SACRIFICE to him, and you will stay CURSED as a woman. NO MAN - black white or other….. wants a woman who reminds him of his failure as Man. No man will elevate himself to exalt the “the help”. You can repeat “You eeis speshul. You eeis kiiiinnd. You eeis impOtint” til the cows come home. It. Wont. Matter. ALL Men work to gain access to the women they feel have VALUE and who make them PROVE their worthiness of her. Black WOMEN are no longer CONTENDERS in that reality. And for that we SUFFER and SERVE.

YOU don’t have to LIKE this fact. You simply must accept it and then act accordingly.

Do I believe there is hope for black folk. NOT really. But if there IS a slither of a chance, it will NOT be built on the foundation of this thing black women are doing. Stop being the ‘struggle’, stop going to war for him, stop guard dogging and stop coddling bullshit in him and you just might stand a chance for your people. Keep doing what you’ve been doing - giving him ONE SIDED LOYALTY and you’ll face HIV, abuse, neglect, abandonment, rejection and BULLETS in his name.

Unconditional love is for Suckas.

Get Crafty or stay cursed. The Choice is YOURS.

Again, this blog does NOT debate the safety and security of black women, so any messages from trolls who wish to do so will be deleted/blocked.

Missing Runway Model Found at NYC Hospital: NYPD

A New York City runway model who was missing for nearly two weeks has been found alive, police say.

Ataui-Deng Hopkins was found Monday at an area hospital, 12 days after she was last seen leaving the rooftop XVI Lounge on West 48th Street near Eighth Avenue on Aug. 6, according to the NYPD.

The 22-year-old models professionally under the name Ataui Deng. 

She has walked the runways for designers like Proenza Schouler, Zach Posen, Malandrino and Lanvin, according to New York Magazine. Hopkins has also appeared in Harper’s Bazaar and Teen Vogue.

The Sudanese-born model has been modeling since she was 14 and lived in Texas before coming to New York City.

A spokeswoman at Trump Models, Hopkins’ agency since 2008, said before the 22-year-old was found that everyone was worried about the “much loved” model and had been making calls and trying to find her. Celebrities including Rihanna also tweeted her photo during the search.

Hopkins’ friend, celebrity chef Roble Ali, said she had disappeared before for a day or two before when she felt like she needed space. But he said he got worried about this most recent incident because she’d never been gone so long.

In an Instagram post after she was found, Ali thanked thanked police and friends for their efforts.

"She is safe and sound," he said. "I want to thank all of our friends and followers and especially the NYPD for their swift and dedicated response."

oh thank god!! I hope no harm came to her while she was missing.

I sure hope the Chioma’s, Adanna’s, Fola’s and Ife’s listen to the advice here (and from their parents) and STAY THE HELL AT HOME during all of this mess in Ferguson, Missouri.

As you know…actually you probably don’t know since it involves black women getting hurt and NOT black men….several black women have been SERIOUSLY injured after attending these “marches”. I believe at least one black woman was shot in the head…. *heavy sigh* of course MOST black folks will pay no mind which means the mainstream media will pay no mind and after this is all done (Jena 6 anyone?) everyone will go back to business as usual except for those women who foolishly got mixed up in this.

Why am I talking about this on an African-focused blog?

a. I know there are impressionable Africans (and children of immigrants) living here that may consider showing up to these “marches”

b. what African-American’s do here in the U.S. DOES in fact affect blacks worldwide in some shape or fashion.

From a bw facebook blogger I follow:

Are feisty Maria, exotic Brazilian Adrielle or buxom blonde Jessica getting mased, teargassed or hit with rubber bullets?

I don’t think so! They know it’s not their job! They are at home like princesses while Black women are getting treated like animals. When will BW wake up?

Men are supposed to protect! It’s in their nature. They need to be the ones out there protesting for their own “brotha”, not us. Don’t waste your time, Black women. Once this Ferguson case is over you will be back to being a b*tch, thot, nappy headed hoe.

Be loyal to yourself and what’s in your best interest.”

*I thought I’d leave a blog post here from a prominent blogger in case any 1st and 2nd generation black American women have temporarily lost their minds and all common sense. Reblog and spread the word if you wish.  If you disagree, please know that i could care less.  The safety of black women is not up for debate on this blog so don’t waste your time spamming my inbox.*
The primary reason civil rights protest marches worked in the 1950s and 1960s was because of the Cold War.

Since most African-Americans don’t bother to study our own history, we don’t understand the unromantic ingredients that helped make the civil rights movement successful. Most of us have no idea about the huge role the Cold War played in the movement’s success.

To put it plainly, Uncle Sam was locked in a serious competition with his European cousin Soviet Ivan. By the 1950s, both of them were competing for influence among the newly-independent nations of the third world. Uncle Sam was deeply afraid that large portions of the planet might join an alliance with Soviet Ivan. Every time photos and news film leaked out of Uncle Sam mistreating his disenfranchised AA citizens, Soviet Ivan would publicize this to people in third world countries. Soviet Ivan would say, “Look at how racist Uncle Sam is! Look at how badly he treats his own Black citizens! That’s how Uncle Sam will treat you if you join his alliance.”

And so, Uncle Sam felt some external pressure to make concessions to the civil right movement because failure to do so was seriously undermining his foreign policy goals. During the Cold War, Uncle Sam had pragmatic reasons to care about how foreigners felt about him. Uncle Sam only cared because he had a serious, equally armed enemy who was courting these foreigners.

Protest marches don’t work anymore because, after the fall of communism, the U.S. no longer has to compete with another hegemon for ideological influence in the 3rd world.

The Soviet Union collapsed over twenty years ago. There’s no Cold War. Uncle Sam has no reason to care about how he or his actions look to anybody.

There’s NO modern day equivalent of the Soviet Union to embarrass the U.S. by making an international “fuss” if American police are filmed shooting you in the head while you foolishly engage in a protest over the police killing of a Black male. “No 1 curr.” Today’s political and foreign policy context is totally different than the set of circumstances that enabled the victory of the civil rights movement. Which leads to my next point.

21st century/War On Terror-era American police departments use military-style weapons far beyond what they need, or what some veterans say the U.S. military would use when doing crowd control. The modern-day American police reportedly have more firepower and apparently less fire discipline than military crowd control. Even WM combat veterans are alarmed by this.

These are Bosnian War, Afghan War and Iraq War combat veterans talking.

This is not a joke.

Know and trust that when you participate in one of these protests nowadays, you are literally putting your life on the line.

When you as an African-American (AA) woman participate in these protests, you are putting your life on the line for AA males who don’t and won’t march for you. You also put yourself at risk of being maimed when you participate in these protests. Will those same AA males appreciate you and your sacrifice if you get maimed and lose your outward beauty at one of these protests?

Imma say it the rough way: You’re a fool if you risk being maimed and killed for AA males who will go right back to calling you and other BW bitch, hoe, trick and THOT as soon as the protest is over. To the mammy mules who argue, “What if it was your [Black] husband, son, father, brother, uncle, nephew, etc. who was gunned down by the police?” My answer: I STILL would not participate in a protest nowadays. It would be up to the surviving MEN in my family to handle the family business regarding the killing of a male relative. It’s not my role as a woman to be on anybody’s front line serving as cannon fodder. It’s not a woman’s role to go into combat against males.

As I said in THIS POST, men fight other men; and protect the women of their group from being attacked by outsider men.At least that’s how things operate among non-African-Americans. That’s how things operate among other ethnic and racial groups that have M-E-N among their collectives. [As opposed to being composed of non-protective males.]

A woman shouldn’t be placed in a position to be on the front lines of any conflict with men. That’s not anything to applaud. And the foolish AA women who engage in that bring death and destruction down on their own heads. In more ways than the obvious ones. Recent online discussions have highlighted that particular angle.

I strongly urge readers to check out the following two recent Facebook posts from the Black Woman’s Think Tank. Here’s a partial quote from each of them. You really need to read them in full along with the comments. 
Excerpt from THIS POST:

“Ladies. Just how far are YOU willing to go for the ‘liberation’ of the Black People? How much are YOU, personally, willing to give up to see the injustices against the Black Male, rectified? Are you willing to be beaten? Are you willing to be shot? Are you willing to DIE? And if you are, then what do you believe will happen AFTER he is liberated. Are you next in line? Will HE set YOU free? Will YOUR standing be any better than it is now? Has HE had a history of paying shit forward, and taking care of YOU, after you’ve taken care of HIM?
These are the types of questions you need to be willing to answer, before you go posting all this “Im am Trayvon’ and “DONT SHOOT. I Want to Grow Up” stuff on your FB page and Avatar. You may want to ask yourself if YOU are ready to stand and FACE what you feel seeks to destroy Black Men, and are YOU willing to be taken out in the name of “The Revolution”. Those of us who have a deeper understanding of certain kinds of energies, and have some understanding of Dark Wisdom, know how DANGEROUS it is to associate you or loved ones, image, with that of The Sacrifice - (something or someone that is used, slaughtered, compromised, negotiated, slain, abused, sold or imprisoned so that someone else can WIN!, benefit, avoid punishment or feed off of that energy). When you place YOUR image in the position of those who have already been Sacrificed, you are literally saying that YOU TOO, are willing to be used in that way.
Many BW feel that is is their DUTY to rally, picket, protest, and lend their emotional, mental, economic and physical energies to the causes that seek to address the injustices black males experience that occur at the hands of outsiders. But since ONE SIDED LOYALTY is always at play in the BC, most BW will NEVER see their investment returned and will find that if and when THEY find themselves in a compromising position, they will NOT find their interests as vehemently defended as those they felt so compelled to rally for.
Breukelen Bleu and The Black Woman Think Tank., has a standing ‪#‎stayingoutofit policy when it comes to any of these very public battles to defend Black Manhood… .”

Excerpt from THIS POST:

“According to statistics, 10.8% of Black Males are married to non-black partners and 19.7% cohabitate with non-black women. And while actual numbers are hard to find, anecdotal evidence of the ever increasing number of mixed raced children that result from these marriages, cohabitations and relationships equal to a good portion- lets saaaayyy….20% of black males, having children by non-black women.
Now, I’m no statistician, and my math is rudimentary, at best, but in the end, it’s clear that at least 20% of Black Men have ties to women who are NOT African or Black American and at least 20% of them have children, households, marriages, economic, genetic, sexual or emotional ties-that-bind to non-black chics in some way, shape or form. So in essence 20% of Black Men have women who are NOT African or Black American, but who SHOULD have a vested interest in Black Male issues, concerns and causes, by default.
So, as part of The Black Woman Think Tank’s ongoing study of the oppression of the Black Male, I’ma need to see those women accounted for - that 20% represented in Ferguson, MO, and at the next rally, protest and riot… in every city…for any reason… and every cause, held on the Black Male’s behalf. I mean, this IS a team effort, after all, and since BLACK women are being made to feel obligated to get in ‘the good fight’, then Im’a need to see - standing RIGHT next to Al Sharpton and The NAACP - Becky, Mei Ling and Rosita… and I’ma need them all to be screaming “No Justice. No Peace”, “DONT SHOOT!” and “Free Lil Boosie “, in whatever “native” tongue they used to prove to negroes just how ‘exotic’ and ‘worthy’ there were of his attention and time. Im’a need for Ms. Pakistan, Ms. Guatemala and Ms. Arabia to stand next to the hundreds of Sistas that show up to defend the honor and rights of Black Men every year…”
I totally agree with Breukelen Bleu about this issue. In the first post mentioned above, she  referenced two recent news stories of BW who were killed after attending anti-gun violence events in support of the [already dead] AA/Black community. With all due respect to the sincerity of these two deceased women, I believe they unwittingly and inadvertently offered themselves up as human sacrifices by participating in those type of Sista Soldier activities.
Self-actualizing women gravitate toward neighborhoods and collectives that offer greater physical safety and security. And away from physically dangerous Blackistans and Blackistanis. Including away from Blackistani rallies and meetings.
God respects free will, and so do I. It’s your life. You can risk it whenever and for whomever you wish. I’m just telling you why I won’t be out there protesting with you in defense of Black males. I value my life too much to risk it like that. AA males need to learn how to handle their own business for themselves. Or not. It’s on them.

women of African descent they NEVER show you&#8230;

women of African descent they NEVER show you&#8230;

women of African descent they NEVER show you&#8230;

women of African descent they NEVER show you&#8230;

women of African descent they NEVER show you&#8230;

women of African descent they NEVER show you&#8230;

women of African descent they NEVER show you&#8230;

women of African descent they NEVER show you…

Black women, please take note of the silence from your black leaders and heroes on the sex trafficking of 200+ Nigerian girls….

As I type this you should, if you and your family haven’t already, putting plans into place to make sure you and your loved ones are never this vulnerable.

While western nations have a BETTER quality of life compared to African nations, don’t be a victim.  Don’t be a fool. I don’t need to tell you about the Congo-like rapes and the mini Rwanda-style massacres that occur in Chicago, LA, Detroit, NYC, and Atlanta, etc. Imagine if the violence that black faux leaders allow to run amok occurred all over America…black women and girls wouldn’t  stand a chance.

Do everything in your power to uplift and elevate yourself, especially those whose parents and grandparents made the sacrifice to bring you to the West.  Never give the naysayers and detractors your attention or precious time.  Celebrate your culture, but ALIGN yourself with functioning groups and individuals.  Never be afraid or ashamed to ask for help. YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING, not superwoman.

Yes there is evil in the world but there is also so much BEAUTY and KINDNESS and GENEROSITY.  There are still men and women of all hues and backgrounds that WANT and will encourage you to succeed <3

comments from my inbox…

so ……. let me get this straight …. NGO are bad, and are showing Africa in a poor light, so much so you wanted to start theafricatheynevershowyou tumblr. and now, after something completely horrific happens, you blame those same NGO for not “leading the fight” in these womens salvation from what it seems is a very African problem. jeez louise , first make up your mind, second stop being hypocritical and lay the blame where they blame springs from, the insanity of Islamofacism and the ineffectiveness and corruption of African state governments


do many of you share these same feelings?? Let me know in the inbox.

Here’s some clarification….

1. I’ve ALWAYS called out the black “faux” leaders of Africa. If you look up failed state on yahoo or google, most if not all African nations would be listed as examples.

2. I’ve called the Islam/Christianity conflict in Nigeria that most want to ignore or pretend isn’t happening. guess what happened…THREATENING messages were left in my inbox, which is part of the reason why I stopped posting on here.  You see you can’t be too honest on here or certain groups will claim they are being attacked and attempt to silence you.

3. I was one the first on Tumblr to question the shady roles many NGOs play in African nations. Many were NOT receptive. It was basically Outsiders know best, Africans keep quiet. So ask where are those individual are who KNOW best?? Where is their leadership at a time like this??

seeing as your tumblr description is:

If you find Nazi, or Watermellon & Fried Chicken memes funny, we’re not going to get along”

I’m sure your comment wasn’t anywhere close to genuine confusion…

Still, I figure others may still be wondering my past and current stance on these matters.